MD/MS Dual-Degree Program

Welcome to the Georgetown University's Dual Degree program in System's Medicine's homepage. Offered jointly through the School of Medicine, this program is designed for current Georgetown medical students interested in taking a leadership role in bringing systems medicine into biomedical science and clinical practice, and setting the stage for bridging research and clinical care. The MD/MS program at Georgetown is the first in the Nation.

Students in our track will be introduced to advances in the “-omics”, to the emerging tools in the field and how to integrate their use in clinical practice, and to the legal, social, and ethical implications of research and clinical practice in the era of systems medicine.

Thus, using recent technological advances, we will train future medical practitioners to use these new tools to develop better diagnostic capabilities, better predictive outcomes, and more effective treatment strategies leading to significantly improved patient care. This dual degree program was successfully launched in Fall of 2011. Since then, two of our students have been graduated from the program.

This dual program, the MD/MS, is designed for students already accepted to medical school, who will take an additional year beyond the four required for the traditional MD. The program will educate physicians who will understand and apply new approaches to prevention, diagnosis, and prediction to prevent or delay disease manifestation and/or to improve clinical outcomes for patients.