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  • Transforming Medicine Through Technology

    MinION is reshaping the field of medicine, and on April 26, 2018, Georgetown University Systems Medicine master’s students were the first cohort to experience this technical wonder in a curricular setting.

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  • Student Profile – Grant Kern

    Grant Kern, M.S. in Systems Medicine, has had a keen interest in using science to improve people’s lives since elementary school. He is currently applying to medical schools, and hopes to combine the skills as an MD with the tools gained from the Systems Medicine program to improve the prevention and treatment of diseases.

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  • Machine Learning Course at Georgetown University Systems Medicine Program

    In September 2018, Pine Biotech started a pilot course on Machine Learning for Biomedical Data at the Georgetown University Medical Center offered to the Masters Systems Medicine Program. A limited number of students are being accepted to join this project-based educational experience.

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  • System Medicine Scholarship Honors the Late Robert Ledley

    The late Robert S. Ledley, DDS, a pioneer of medical informatics, was known for making several contributions to the field of biomedical research, including the invention of the whole body CT scanner.

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  • Systems Medicine: Computing the State of the Body

    “Several Good Practices [in Systems Medicince] are already in place, such as the Virtual Physiological Human (VPH), the E-Cell, as well as established educational curricula such as the MS Degree program at Georgetown University…”

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  • Faculty Spotlight: Sona Vasudevan

    Dr. Sona Vasudevan, Program Director of Systems Medicine, shares her journey in coming to Georgetown University.

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  • International Meeting to Promote Systems and Complexity in Medicine

    Georgetown is hosting a pioneering international conference in November that aims to promote a new way to practice medicine—combining the ethos of early medical wisdom with advanced tools and knowledge of modern medicine.

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  • Systems Medicine: Expert Commentary by Dr. Howard Federoff

    Dr. Howard J. Federoff, executive vice president for health science and executive dean for the School of Medicine, discusses his vision for systems medicine, an approach that utilizes breakthroughs in genetics, biochemistry and other areas to focus on prediction, prevention and empowering the individual patient rather than reacting to the cause of a patient’s problem.

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  • Symposium Drives Connections Between Big Data and Precision Medicine

    Sister Grace Miriam Usala (M’16) sits squarely at the intersection of two related, yet disconnected, fields. Usala is also simultaneously pursuing her master’s degree in systems medicine and medical degree through a unique joint MD/MS program offered at Georgetown.

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  • Learning the Language of Medicine to Come

    “It takes a village of collaborators to make this degree possible, and we have a very wonderful village here,” says the director of the dual degree program, Sona Vasudevan, PhD, Director of System Medicine.

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