New Genetics Book Highlights Georgetown Systems Medicine

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GATTACA Has Fallen: How Population Genetics Failed the Populace - Ian A. Myles, MD/MPH

The Georgetown University Systems Medicine program and Director Sona Vasudevan got a shout-out in the recently released book GATTACA Has Fallen: How Population Genetics Failed the Populace, by Ian Myles, M.D., MPH, principal investigator of the Epithelial Therapeutics Unit of the National Institutes of Health.

Dr. Myles writes:

Courses exemplified by the Systems Medicine curriculum led by Dr. Sona Vasudevan at Georgetown University teach students to look at problems from numerous databases …

Dr. Vasudevan’s students will be able to evaluate the RNAseq and metabolomics data to determine if their identified associations are consistent with biologic experiments …

The next generation of scientists will learn about the anomalies in population genetics before they commit themselves to any specific approach.